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Who Is Jubril

A lil bit about me

5 thoughts on “Who Is Jubril

  1. Hakeem D

    Jubril, I am a 19 year old G.E.D. student and I see you as a black man traveling the world and you inspire me to do the same thing. The question I have is one that I know you get a lot, and that is how do you finance your travels. You travel ten months out of the year and that is amazing, but I logically wouldn’t have thought that that was possible; unless you were loaded. So can you please put my mind to rest and help a “brotha” out.

  2. Joel miles

    how did you start you marketing business. would love to to that and travel at the same time. please give me some advice and point me in the right direction.

    1. Theophilus

      You did not work on it, or can’t do it.I work in the US for 5 years and back and work in a world class Ads agency in Thailand. I have seen and works on a lot of stuff. I agree Thai pelope and AE care too much about stylize. I make me sick everyday I hear their comment. They have not idea about design fundamental. Totally opposite when I work in the US, they strongly care about design principle no matter what projects are. All Typography are well structure, never let any un-editing work out to clint hand, because it show how civilize they are as a real professional not a student work.

  3. Chardon Phillips

    Great videos on youtube Jubril I am definately wanting to go to panama and columbia after watching your videos. Question for you though how do you finance your travels. Traveling ten months out of the year?

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