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  1. frankie

    Hey Jubril
    Fellow tribe member here. How do you start an online marketing service? or at least how did you do it?



    1. admin Post author

      Hey Frankie,

      I was all self taught pretty much. It depends what you want to do exactly. Feel free to facebook me alot easier than there.

      Happy 4th. Sorry for being months late lol. I am just checking these now. I have not been on here for 6-7 months or so.

  2. chris

    Hi…your youtube videos have been very informative. You mentioned in one of your videos that you have been staying in Thailand for 5 months. How are you able to stay that long, since you are only allowed 30 days for one visit? I will be visiting soon and I want to stay for about 7 months or more but I do not want to go through the bustle that comes with applying for a long term visa.

    1. admin Post author

      staying 4 months is easy. Just when you land in ask for 3 month extension pay like $150 usd or so. Then you can cross border and come back too

    2. Giovanni

      Posted on Thanks Preston! I’ve been following Jetson for a few years so it means a lot for you to have taken some time to check us out. I think you’ll enjoy the on site foatoge from the knowledge base sessions we do on our job sites. Check back in a while!

  3. Deddeh

    Hello, Jubril.

    I will be traveling to London for the first time. I am super excited about the experience. I will be spending 2 weeks doing a study abroad program in law and then I will be staying with a relative for next 3 weeks or so afterwards. I have limited funds and wanted to know if you have any advice of places and things to see while in London (other than museums which I do still plan to see). I would like to know about the cheapest way to get around the city as well.


    1. Freddy

      Que Belleza de fotos, muchas fiddcieales, esta para comersela, y Uds. los dos muy orgullosos, que trio mas lindo, que Dios los Bendiga hoy manana y siempre. Por favor le dices que su tia abuela Maribel le manda un besote. Muchos recuerdos.

  4. Rizal

    These are so amazingly guregoos! That swimsuit is the cutest thing ever! I love, love, love the pumpkin hat, that is seriously too cute. Beautiful images! I love your description of their home, it brings back so many wonderful emotions. Great job, Erin.

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