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    1. Topselfauto

      I’ve been to 9 countries thuuhgroot the world and, other than Ghana where I lived for a summer, Thailand has been my absolute FAVORITE. I’ve been there twice now. Mostly just stayed in Bangkok, but LOVED it. Thai people are the nicest you will ever meet!

  1. Dave Reynolds

    whats up bro, really impressed to see you doing your thing. I am also an avid traveler. I have been to over 40+ countries around the world and I love. At one point I used to travel about 10-12 months out the year, I have slowed down a little since then, but still have the passion. Well I am in the process of starting a travel company to help the novice and scared folks see some the beautiful exotic locations I have been to plus more. I was impressed with your website and youtube channel, so I said I have to connect with this brotha. Blacks folks have the largest fears of traveling abroad and I want to expose them to some of the wonders around the world and break that fear. Anyway stay in touch looking forward to meeting you sometime either here stateside or somewhere around the world.

    1. Willes

      LOVE this post! thailand is dtnfaiely on my list. im going to link up one of my older wanderlust posts… i included italy, greece, spain and turkey in the list (we JUST bought tickets to turkey last night!!) and we’re going to Spain this september!! cannot wait! xoxo jillian::

  2. Georgia

    Thank you so much for your sweet visit! I love your blog and definitely foollw! Also linked up my post about Cape Town!Thailand is next on my travel list. It is such an amazing country!xoxoxo

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