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Traveling the world vs Vacationing the World


Yes I still party around the world,  and meet pretty girls who speak many different languages.    I have to say my traveling/living around the world is much different than vacationing around the world .


This is my view and I guess like a asshole everyone has one.    I will say I used to be vacation traveler and let me explain what I mean.   It would be like big checklist for me while traveling.  Disneyworld for example  I fly to orlando ,  I stay at peabody hotel , go to epcot day 1,  Day 2 I go aninmal kingdom, Day 3 I go univerisal studios,  day 4 I go shopping, day 5 I chill out by the pool,  day 6 I go to magic kingdom  Day 7 chill out at hotel and prepare for a flight home.    I go back home and say I went to orlando and I know whats it like there.     Even tho I don’t remember one person’s name from orlando.


That would be like someone visiting chicago and saying they staying downtown for a whole week.   Then they say they know what chicago is like I would say maybe you had taste of what chicago is like.


Me personally I think you have to get to know the people of the town to say you know it.     Get to know the customs and their beliefs and what type food they eat the music etc.  I walk into a place now and ask people names, and strike up conversations because I will be around and care to learn.

Normally I stay atleast 1 month in each place I stay.       So what are your thoughts on the whole thing.

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