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Being Black in Thailand What an Experience

So much for me posting every week, 2 posts in 4 months. I know myself and I am the person who loves living life not documenting all of it myself. Its not even up for debate my next trip will include a full time video/photographer who travels with me all the time. I truly believe I could inspire thousands if not millions through the story of my adventures to do the same.

So now its already the end of june almost july I am sitting in my hostel lobby while I write this ‘we bangkok“. I will start with the most recent events since they are most fresh in my dome. Staying in a hostel has its benefits especially while traveling alone. I have currently split from my two friends Garrett and Steve they are currently in europe. We were all in different parts of the world for the last month. This week they both reunited in Poland together and they both are enjoying perogis and vodka daily. I have now been in bangkok now for over a week and I loved it so far. Depending on the part of of town you are in you will have a vastly differently vibe of the town.

Yesterday I went over to Khao San “backpacker mecca” road with about 7 people from my hostel at about 5 pm. When I walk down the street the suit tailors yell to me “Obama Obama” and point to a picture of a black man in an suit. They can be quite funny, but not as funny massage girls in patong beach in phuket I will share later. When I meet thai people they say ” Wat kuntreeee you come from “. Then their eyes light up ” OOOHHH America very good” and typically throw up their thumbs enthusiastically. When people say they don’t prejudge people based on looks that is bullsh#t. I have not met black dude from america in thailand so far that is not mixed raced under age of 25 “Correction I did meet one black dude from florida in chiang mai who was 22″. Typically your darker skinned black people are from africa that are in thailand. That being said tho I have met a handful of black dudes under 25 from england tho.
suit tailors in bangkok

Thai people are generally VERY friendly people and warm people. If you read my post before you heard I was called a nigger and that had me putting my
guard up quite a bit. I have now been here for 4 months and can tell you that it was drunk isolated indecent. So many thai people and Thai women “Evil Grin” are curious and excited to learn about black american people. I have had many thai people open their hearts and home to me made feel very welcome. I already planning my trip back to thailand.

Massage Ladies in phuket

I will share my experience in phuket with you quickly I could go on for 3 pages with stories. I will do a video a little later with part 2 of the stories. So its like 10 pm of tuesday evening and I head over to patong beach area. I hear ” CHOCOLATE MANNNNNN” I turn and its pretty massage lady smiling then continues “you want masagggggge”. I turn and smile say its ok thank you then she continues on and I respectfully declined. It is quite an experience being called a chocolate man.
orchid hotel and spa kalim bay phuket

I have a lot better stories that have happened also I will share that in my next post, and I will create a video explaining the situations I love acting them out.

LEAVE COMMENTS let me know what you hear about more and less off. I will make it happen.

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24 thoughts on “Being Black in Thailand What an Experience

  1. Corey

    Yo! I feel you on the “Chocolate Man” comment. When they called me that I just smiled and laughed, cause everyone loves chocolate. I was up in Chiang Mai. I’m actually planning to live in Thailand for a year. Just really loved that place. People are easier to talk to then in NY. Gonna check your page from time to time. Thanks for the cool stories and video….

  2. Jemal Rankin

    Dude. Corey you don’t even know how happy Iwas to see your youtube joint. My names jemal I will be moving to thailand in the first part of 2012 and just my luck you will be gone by then , probably Well as you might already know I am a black man and I just moved back to Cali from Cancun Mexico and Iam getting the hell out again I love my sistas but I just gotta go. Yo my man hit me back if you can and heres my facebook name jemal rankin. Keep ya head up my man. Oh man if I was out there right now we’d be killng it Iam telling you .Ha Haaaaa!!!

  3. Anchalee

    If you plan to come back to Thailand again sometime and just want friend to chat and talked about Thai story whatever Taxi, how to get there , food … etc… You can contact me.. Just you know I just want to get to know person like u. You are fun and easy going. I am a normal local Thai person .. and just want to have friend like you. You look pretty hot.. Well I don’t know how to get to know you more.. but just in case… I really interested in you… pls contact me.. you r pretty hot..

  4. David

    The areas that you speak of are where womenfolk well take money from anyone and tell them anything that you want you hear or do just about anything. They do not care if a person is of any ethnicity and is a cyclops so as to do something your impresario needs to go back to the stage. All the other gibberish is common. It seems as if you are wanting hoopla

    1. admin Post author

      Everyone has their own opinion i guess. Have you been ? Many times I have had thai people pay for me and take me out and not accept money or anything when i offered.

  5. David

    Admin yes everyone does have a perspective. I have lived in thailand for many years Also China, Lao. Yes you had other people pay your way for the things you did. Hoopla getting and women don’t care who the payers are. As for accepting money when you offered. Their not going to take your offer it would trigger a insult. You knew that.

  6. Ro

    You really motivate me to go on my world adventures. I hear far too many stories about Thailand, and I have black friends who have been there before but they are wealthy so I know there experiences was the ultimate. I had a Korean girl who lived with me before and she was telling me stories about us being called chocolate man in Asia..ha ha ha. Anyways I want to leave Miami and leave these bills behind and live the world. Please let me know what is the best spot to got to?

  7. Aims

    This is good. I’m supposed to be heading out to Bangkok for a semester abroad and I’ve been having hesitations due to the fact that I keep hearing so many bad things. I’m a black female so I am always wondering if I’m gonna have any issues and experience racism.

      1. Jaydon

        Hey Danna!Congrats on starting your amaznig-sounding trip, but really sorry about your camera! I’m glad you were able to pick up another one, and I look forward to seeing the pictures you share throughout. When Alona told me you were planning to take this trip, I was immediately, insanely jealous. So, just so you know, I intend to live vicariously through you for as long as you roam. Love the posts so far, keep them coming!

  8. Wynema

    I really appreciated your post. I am a mixed race female planning on living in Thailand for a year with my 9 year old son. He is about your complexion and quite handsome I might add. I want him to see the world and learn from it. I read on some many other blogs/posts how terribly racist Thais can be and it was scaring me. I do not want to subject my son to that and have tried to protect him from it as much as possible. We currently live in New Mexico but have also lived in Seattle, MD, VA & Georgia. Our next 5 years will be overseas. Thank you for your positive spin on it. It has relieved some of my worries.
    Safe travels!!

    1. Josiane

      oh thank you for that information now i know the 3 bitaueful flowers are orchids. and im waiting for your reply when you know the name of the others bitaueful flowers thank you again and take care when you back in Thailand next week.Flower Shop Philippiness last blog post..

  9. jessica

    Hello, my name is jessica and i have also heard some pretty bad stuff about blacks living in thailand but after reading your blog, it has relieved some of my worries. Umm.. where would u recommend a black canadian female living?? And is it mandatory to learn the language? Thanks

  10. Corey

    Wynema, don’t worry, Thais have a problem with Thais! May I be so bold and suggest not to wrap your son in cotton wool, just be honest about how the world (really) works, just do it gradually and use lots of humor…

    P.S. enroll him in a judo/karate class?

  11. carlos sims

    I love to go to thailand, very nice place, hope it been going to far? those thailand girls r soooooooo find so hope i can find a date there lol as u know im a black man, feel free to connect with me on facebook, name is carlos sims, i have on a long brown shirt with a table & chair in the back ground, and a city circle brige in my cover picture.

  12. Msa


    Nice info dude, Im planning to visit Bangkok Jan 2014 was wondering if there is any racism im a black guy in South Africa, hope for ur response


  13. Maliwan C.

    Nice writing guy, like your point of view for my country. Well Im thai women who like black guy & always wonder to date once BUT here is hard to find a cool one. Where they go?? lol .. !! So I still wonder no any chance yet. Will hit like & catch up other stuffs on ur page. Peace :)

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